Christian Science Reading Room @ Pioneer Square

In the heart of downtown Portland

Christian Science Reading Room Jointly Maintained

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What we offer

We are a bookstore, lending library, place to read and study, and a spiritual retreat for prayer and healing.

The Holy Bible and Christian Science literature are available in print and online.


Find us across Yamhill from Pioneer Courthouse, diagonally across from Pioneer Square and Pioneer Place.

512 SW Yamhill Street
Portland, OR 97204

Tel. 503-228-4871


Open to the public for visits, study
or purchases.

  • Monday 11-5
  • Tuesday 11-3
  • Wednesday 11-5
  • Thursday 11-3
  • Friday 11-5
  • Saturday 11-2
  • Active window shopping 24/7

Reading Room Annual Meeting 2022

Video (excerpt): May 1, 2022

The meeting was held in person at the Reading Room and online. Excerpt includes Librarian and staff activity reports and a talk, "Christian Science is Simple" by guest speaker, Joel Magnes, CS.

Joel Magnes, CS

Joel Magnes, CS